Archives - April 2017

A triptych of Theresa May, Andy Murray and Kevin Spacey

1983 all over again?

It is as if the world is plotting for me to fail my exams. Starting on 1st June, they come two days after the much-anticipated release of House of Cards Season 5, and, for a tennis nut like me, three days from the start of the French...

Angela Merkel holding a beer

One too many? Drinking cultures in politics and university

There can be few more stressful occupations than that of Member of Parliament in the opening weeks of spring 2017. Representatives of the opposition parties, and indeed many Tories, will be mourning their powerlessness in the...

Federer and Nadal posing on the court

Age is just a number: Roger Federer and longevity in tennis

The unpredictability of life isn’t all bad. When I consigned Roger Federer to parentheses when discussing the likely trajectory of the 2017 tennis season last December, not even the man himself could envisage his...